State Legal Legislative Committee

Committee Mission Statement: The mission is to ensure there is adequate, appropriate monitoring, lobbying and oversight on state legislation and issues that could affect the Association and members. Separately, to make recommendations to the board of directors regarding any government activities that could affect the industry.

Strategic Plan Goals related to State Legal Legislative Committee


 Goal: ADVOCATE - The voice of optometry and eye care through government relations.


  1. Grassroots - Increase understanding and involvement in local campaigns and legislative relations.
  2. Issues Management - Monitor evolving issues to develop positions that proactively advance and preserve optometry and be prepared to respond to legislative and legal challenges.


Committee Membership Responsibilities

Expected Timeline: ongoing; year round

Time Commitment: this committee can involve a lot of time from the committee members, depending what is going on with legislative issues.  There is no set time commitment, but committee members are expected to participate as needed and be available as much as needed. 

Qualifications: Knowledge of state legislative issues and campaigns in assigned area; ability to teach keypersons and time to contact keypersons; Understand how the legislative system works, donate to AOP-PAC, contribute to individual legislators, be registered to vote, positive role model and example by connecting with legislators and making campaign contributions, able to attend legislative functions.

Tasks: set legislative agenda and plan of action, direct unforeseen legislative issues, mentor other members to connect with legislators, serve as keypersons and keyperson captains as assigned


Keyperson Captains

• Oversee keypersons – make sure keypersons in your group make contact with legislators and keep up with campaign contributions
• Teach keypersons how to become involved with legislators in their area and how to stay involved in local political arena
• Solicit keypersons for legislators in your assigned area
• Follow legislative trends that affect Optometry and make group decisions to present to board on legislative issues

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